Chorley Golf Club

Visitor Information


  • Green fees must be paid to the professional prior to play.

  • Members have priority on the course until 9:30am, between 11:30am and 1:30pm and from 3.40pm onwards unless prior arrangements have been made with the Club's Admin Team.

  • Gentlemen’s Dress Code - (Course)

    Denim wear is not permitted on the course.

    Caps/Visors must be worn peak to the front.

    Shirts must have a collar and sleeves and should be tucked into trousers/shorts. Turtle neck design is permitted. Rugby and football shirts, tracksuit tops or T-shirts are not permitted.

    Trousers should be tailored and not tucked into socks, unless specifically designed for the purpose.  Shorts should also be tailored and be of approximate knee length or longer.  Military style trousers/shorts. those with draw string waistband or baggy patch pockets and track suit bottoms are prohibited.

    Only regulation golf shoes may be worn. Trainers are not acceptable.

  • Ladies’ Dress Code - (Course)

    Denim wear is not permitted on the course.

    Caps/Visors must be worn peak to the front.

    Shirts with or without sleeves are acceptable but must have collars.  Turtle neck design is permitted.  Tailored shirts designed to be worn outside skirts, trousers or shorts are allowed.  Tank tops, tube tops and halter neck tops are prohibited.

    Shorts/skirts/skorts/trousers and culottes should be appropriately tailored.  Trousers should not be tucked into socks unless specifically designed for the purpose.  Military style trousers/shorts, those with drawstring waistbands or baggy patch pockets and tracksuit bottoms, are not permitted.

    Only regulation golf shoes may be worn on the course.  Trainers are not acceptable.

  • Dress Code in the Clubhouse (Ladies & Gentlemen)

    Attire at AGM and EGMs :- Collar, Tie and Jacket must be worn by Gents. Denim jeans cannot be worn by Ladies or Gents.

    Attire at Prize Presentations :- Collar, Tie and Jacket must be worn by Gents receiving a prize. Smart casual dress is required by other attendees. Denim jeans cannot be worn by Ladies or Gents.

    The above dress code applies from 19.30 on the evening of the meeting or presentation. 

    Attire at Social and Informal Visits :- Smart Casual standard of dress. Smart denim jeans are acceptable (no rips or holes).

    Attire not acceptable in the Clubhouse outside the locker rooms :- Hats or waterproofs.

    Golf shoes with soft spikes (clean) are allowed anywhere on the ground floor, metal spikes allowed only in the locker rooms, no golf shoes of any type allowed upstairs.

    Etiquette :- The Club expects members, visitors and staff to behave in a respectful manner to each other at ALL times. People raising their voices or using abusive language may be asked to leave the Course or Clubhouse.

    Please note: the Dress Code also applies to children.

  • Juniors (Under 18) - Even if playing with a full member, juniors are only permitted to tee off at the following times:

  1. 1st April to 31st October Saturdays and Sundays after 1.00pm, Weekdays - no restrictions.
  2. 1st Nov to 31st March Saturdays no restriction, Sundays after 12 noon, Weekdays - no restriction.
  3. Bank Holidays - during the summer months Juniors may only commence play after 1.00pm
  4. Please note full members have priority at all times and if requested, Juniors should give way to adults on the first tee.
  • A visitor may only claim concessionary green fees ten times in any one season irrespective of the member inviting him or her.

  • Visitors may be required to produce evidence of a current handicap.

  • Please avoid slow play.  You should aim to complete your round between 3 1/2 and 4 hours depending on the number of players in your group.  If you are holding up the group behind you and there is a clear hole in front of you then you MUST invite the group behind to play through.

  • Mobile phones must not be used on the golf course at any time except in an emergency.  In the Clubhouse they should not be used either in the 1897 lounge and Function Room.  However, their use for texting or downloading data is permissable.

  • Dogs are NOT permitted on the golf course, apart from on the bridleway and public right of way. 

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